Top 5 best antivirus software of 2019

Pay attention to these 5 antiviruses in 2019 and learn more about them.

In the world, where malware and dangerous worms threaten user’s PC, we should be more attentive to antivirus software. There are many programs and tools that can secure your system. Let’s try to find out which one is best in the modern world.

5. AVG Free Antivirus

This is the free antivirus that has the trial Pro version. After installing you can get additional functions as a powerful firewall, TuneUp utility or mobile protection. This program shows really good results against malware and rootkits.

Pros: the strong real-time protective mechanism, file shredder, fast performance of threat detection, web rating, and useful supplementary tools (for Pro version).

Cons: a very high rate of false detections, so you should be more sensitive when AVG is trying to remove a trusted application.

Visit AVG Free Antivirus page to learn more about it or download this software.

4. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Many users say that NOD32 has a simple and clear interface. It’s easy in use. The antivirus has the firewall. And it shows really good scores against malicious URLs. There is also reliable external device scanner that can detect many types of worms and malware in time.

Pros: real-time system and memory scanning, smart scanning mode that allows you to check the most vulnerable folders and files, strong web and email protection.

Cons: updating troubles. If you system was infected, there is a small chance the antivirus could help you to reverse negative actions.

Visit ESET NOD32 Antivirus page to learn more about it or download this software.

3. McAfee LiveSafe

It’s the complex antivirus suite that provides effective instruments against spyware, malware, and worms. It combines all useful features of McAfee AntiVirus Plus and McAfee Internet Security. If you have several devices, you can also protect them by LiveSafe. There are Parental Control, Firewall and Antispam as additional options.

Pros: a reliable protection against any threats, cross-device unlimited license, password manager, 1 GB of extra-secured online storage (Personal Locker).

Cons: in comparison with other tools, it has the overrated price ($89.99 per year).

Visit McAfee LiveSafe page to learn more about it or download this software.

2. Avast Antivirus

It’s one of the best free antiviruses. This software balances between a powerful protective package and agile anti-threat tool. It has inbuilt web protection and quick scanner. There a lot of additional functions. But if you want to get a firewall or mobile device protection, you should upgrade your Avast account (paid option).

Pros: quick scanning performance, Avast testing results can be compared with scores of paid antiviruses, system cleanup function and integrated password manager.

Cons: it’s not so good against worms and new threats.

Visit Avast Antivirus page to learn more about it or download this software.

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Lab always shows high scores in various tests. There are no doubts that this digital product is getting better with every year. It has a variety of supplementary tools as On-Screen Keyboard, Privacy Cleaner or creating of Rescue Disk. Besides, the antivirus doesn’t take too much system resources as it was in the past. It’s really fast compared to other paid solutions.

Pros: a strong anti-phishing protection, impressive testing results, reliable protection for instant messengers, one of the cheapest antiviruses ($39.99), System Watcher that allows a user to roll back malware actions and sequences, access to the cloud-based network.

Cons: there are a lot of false detections.

Visit Kaspersky Anti-Virus page to learn more about it or download this software.