How to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser was created specially for the new OS Windows 10 release. It is usually compared with the Internet Explorer as a standard application in the earlier versions of the Windows systems. However, Edge is notable for its higher level of productivity, power consumption, and user-friendly interface. As for the default settings, Bing is suggested as a search engine. This system is quite popular, there is still a large part of the Windows 10 users willing to change it to another, for example, to Google or Yahoo! Search.

Step 1: Preparation

In fact, the procedure of shifting a default search system in the Edge web-browser is very simple even for a computer novice. First of all, launch the application and open the homepage of the search system to be used:

It is needed for its automatic including to a catalogue of the available search methods (only if it supports OpenSearch).

Step 2: Settings

Look for a button More Actions in the upper right corner of the window. After emerging the menu, go down to the end of the list and click on the option Settings:

Step 3: Advanced settings

The next step consists in pressing the button View advanced settings to switch over to the direct search technique configurations:

Step 4: Add your search engine

There is a particular block for setting a query in the address line in the mode of advanced settings. After finding it, pay attention to the screenshot below. It is indicated that currently Bing is chosen as a default search system and right below an option Add new is provided – push this button with a mouse pointer:

Step 5: Set a new search engine

Then a catalogue of the available search techniques appears; choose the one you need (e.g. Google, as in the screenshot below) and click the button Add as default:

Step 6: Test your search engine

Actually, the task is done and default search provider in the Microsoft Edge (Bing) is shifted to another (Google). It could be easily checked: just create a new tab, enter any string of text into the address line and it will be indicated that looking for an answer to the query is conducted through the chosen search engine:


Nowadays many search systems keep up OpenSearch, this function is still quickly spreading among the modern websites with their own engines. Once the user addresses a link to the page with OpenSearch marking, it is included in the list of compatible search engines, thus, it can be selected for making queries. Such non-customary systems as Youtube, E-bay, Facebook or even much less popular regional sites may be applied to for the search. If it is not automatically appended to the catalogue, just wait for some time as it can be connected later. The assortment of the customer search engines can enumerate a lot of items to be addressed easily and quickly. While in some software (Google Chrome, for example) search provider may be added manually, Microsoft Edge does not support such a function and totally automates this process.