How to import bookmarks from Opera

Some people think that it’s very hard to import bookmarks from old and new versions of Opera web browser. In practice, it’s very easy. And we shall teach you how to do this.

The method for Opera 12

Push on the Opera button which is on the top-left corner of the screen. Then choose BookmarksManage Bookmarks:

Then click on the File tab → Import Opera bookmarks:

You can also import Firefox and Internet Explorer bookmarks using options from the File tab.

The method for Opera 15 or above

You can’t import bookmarks in new versions of Opera because this function is not active. For some reason, the developer team decided to disable it. But you are allowed to use old data from previous versions of Opera. That’s how you can switch to a new version of this web browser with your old bookmarks. Also, this method can be applied for cookies, passwords, history, cache, and custom settings.

Step 1: Delete a new Opera

At first, you should delete your new version of Opera browser if you already have installed it. For this sake, use StartControl PanelPrograms / Programs and FeaturesUninstall a programOpera. Check Delete my Opera user data:

Step 2: Install an old version of Opera

Now you should find an old distributive of Opera and add wanted bookmarks. For example, you can download Opera 12.17 on our site. Launch it and add all wanted bookmarks. Make sure that all of them were added to your bookmark list:

Step 3: Delete an old version of Opera

Then you have to delete your old Opera. However, you must save your bookmarks on PC. For this, uncheck Delete my Opera user data when deleting an old version of the browser:

You can select those things that you want to import (cookies, passwords, customizations, feeds) using Delete my Opera user data checkbox and Details button:

Step 4: Install a new version of Opera

Download a fresh version of Opera on our site. Install it. Now importing function is active and you can import bookmarks. Open Opera menuMore toolsImport bookmarks and settings:

Choose a web browser from the drop-down list. In this case, it will be Opera 12.x. Press Import:

You can check your imported bookmarks via Opera menuBookmarksImported bookmarksImported from Opera.