How to disable Avira Free Antivirus

There are situations where your antivirus detects wrong files or interrupts important network processes. In this case, you have the only option to disable anti-threat protection. So, we’ll try to do it using popular freeware Avira Free Antivirus.

The first method

There will be the Avira icon in your desktop system tray after installing the antivirus. Click on it using right-button of the mouse and choose Open Avira Launcher:

Click on Free Antivirus:

Main antivirus window will appear. You should disable all modules of system security including Real-Time Protection, Firewall, Web Protection, and Mail Protection. Some of them can be disabled by default. Just click on white rectangular buttons (see on picture below) to disable these options:

After that, you will see a notification that your computer is not secure:

It means that Avira is not active.

The second method

Also, you can disable your antivirus modules by context menu. Just use right-button of the mouse on the Avira icon and uncheck the following options: Enable Real-Time Protection, Enable Web Protection, and Enable Mail Protection: