Sony PlayStation 4 is the top selling console in the United States

PS4 strikes back Xbox One to return the number one position in the United States.

The PlayStation 4 hits the top of US charts. In December of 2015 Sony announced the month report, which unveils the financial details. As reported, PS4 sales were at the top in the United States in November.

The Xbox One was the top seller in October. But Sony had the strongest Black Friday ever. This issue had allowed PS4 to reach 30.2 million of sold units around the world. However Microsoft had the strongest Black Friday too. The company officials even released the statement about November success of Xbox One. But Microsoft didn’t reveal any information about sold units. Nintendo didn’t announce hardware sales too.

At first, Microsoft and Sony slashed their console prices by $50. Then Sony cut the price of PS4 by another $50. And both consoles were offered for $300 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These prices allowed them to attract new buyers. Plus, there were promotional events that stimulated consumer demand.

The holiday season is the most important time period for the game industry. Promotions and discounts provide game makers and related companies the most powerful sale growth.

It’s significantly that the top 5 bestseller games of the US chart were released on PS4 and Xbox One. However total sales of video games fell 7 percent compared with November of the last year.