How to disable McAfee

There are situations when you need to turn off your antivirus. If you’re sure that your PC is absolutely safe and you need to set free additional system resources, then you can disable your software protection. This tutorial is dedicated to disabling of Internet McAfee Security.

Step 1: Settings

You should right-click the McAfee icon which is in the system tray manu. Choose Change settingsReal-time Scanning option:

Step 2: Scanning mode

You’ll see that Real-Time Scanning mode is on. You should click on Turn Off button:

After that you have to choose resuming time of Real-Time Scanning. You can temporarily turn the antivirus off. And push Turn Off button again:

Step 3: Firewall

Use right-click button on the antivirus icon and select Change settingsFirewall:

Push Turn Off option to disable McAfee firewall:

Choose resuming time and press Turn Off button:

That’s how it works.

Step 4: Updates

You can also turn off Updates module. You should double-click on the McAfee icon to Enter Manage security option:

Choose McAfee UpdatesUpdates Settings:

Click on Turn Off button to disable automatic updates:

You should know that you can’t use Task Manager to shut down McAfee processes. You won’t be allowed to end tasks.