How to restore system changes in Windows 8

There are situations when we need to restore system drivers or clean viruses. The simplest way is system restoring option for Windows 8. This method requires time points. Let’s try to figure out how it works.

Step 1: Control panel

Click on Start button and choose Settings menu:

Find Control Panel option which is on the left-bottom corner of the screen:

You can also use alternative method to launch recovery restoring. Press Win + R combination and enter rstrui.exe:

You have to change Category to Large icons in Control Panel:

Click on the Recovery icon:

Step 2: System restoring

Choose Open System Restore in Advanced recovery tools menu:

Click Next and select a time point:

If you can’t restore your system, it means that there are no time points. In that case you could not use system restoration.

Click on Finish button to launch restoration process:

And retoring process will be launched: