How to lock an archive with WinRAR

Sometimes users need to protect archived data. For this sake, you should add a password for your archive file. To do this, you have to use one of the most popular archiving tools – WinRAR.

Step 1: Create an archive

Launch the WinRAR manager interface and find those files that want to add in an archive. Use right-button of the mouse on these files to open context menu and choose Add files to archive:

Step 2: Password

In the Archive name and parameters window, choose Set password option:

Enter your password in appropriate forms and click on OK button:

Step 3: Test

WinRAR will create a new archive protected by a password.  Select it and use right-button of the mouse. Then you can Extract files to a specified folder or Test archived files:

If your previous actions were correct, then the special window with password protection should have appeared: