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How to install cache on BlueStacks
This tutorial will help you to install cache of Android apps in BlueStacks.
Software usage
How to restore system changes in Windows 8
This tutorial is dedicated to system restoring and recovering of unwanted changes in Windows 8.
Operating systems
How to change Skype login name?
This tutorial will help you to change your Skype username.
Software usage
How to rotate video in KMPlayer
This guide will help you to make simple rotating operation with your videos in KMPLayer.
Software usage
How to lock an archive with WinRAR
You'll learn how to add a password to RAR files.
Software usage
How to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge
This guide enumerates all necessary actions a regular user should take in order to connect the...
Software usage
How to import bookmarks from Opera
This guide will help you to import bookmarks from all versions of Opera browser.
Software usage
How to install Origin client
This guide discovers key steps that you need to do to install the Origin client.
Software usage
How to clear hosts file on Android device
This guide will help you to clean hosts file on Android operating system.
Software usage
How to root Android phone using Baidu Root
This guide will help you to root your Android device with Baidu Root.
Software usage